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Person-Centered Care & Support

Extreme Care Services believes that palliative and end of 
life care should be person-centred and the needs and 
wishes of the individual should be recognised and acted upon. 
We will initiate discussions as early as possible to establish 
the needs and wishes of the Individual such as where and 
how they would like to die and any culturally appropriate 
methods which may be required.

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Working in Partnership

Extreme Care Services believes the best service for end-of-life care is delivered through a holistic approach. We believe this is achieved through working in partnership with the individual, the carer/s, the Family as well as other healthcare professionals and the voluntary and community sector groups, to ensure service quality promotes independence, choice and promotes social interaction.

  • Remain patient and give all your respect to our beloved seniors; they have earned their dignity through their lifetimes.”

  • “Help support and care for the bodies of your elderly parents, because it's the only body they have to live in.”

Nursing Home

“Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

Mark Twain


1 High Street, Southall Townhall Middlesex, Ealing London UB1 3HA

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